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Wind energy production in Germany from 12.10. 17:00 until 12.10. 23:00

The map shows an extrapolation of the production achieved by all wind energy plants in Germany in the given time range.
The extrapolation is based on published data concerning the maximum total production per Land, and on the production data of the plants registered in the VabERA database.

The following maximum values occurred during the selected time range:
Strongest wind: 12.4 m/s in Sachsen on 12.10. 17:15.
Highest production: 2771.5 MW in Niedersachsen (mit Bremen) on 12.10. 17:15.
Land with highest average production across the entire period from 12.10. 17:00 to 12.10. 23:00: Brandenburg (mit Berlin) with 2136.6 MW.
Time of highest production total in Germany: 12.10. 17:15 with 9053.2 MW.
Running total production in Germany in 2017: 17.61 TWh.

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